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Travelling to work

On the Road

Question: What type of fuel can you get at UK gas stations?

EU plans to control emissions from road vehicles
The EU seeks to reduce pollutants from motor vehicles by improving the environmental quality of petrol and diesel fuels and by encouraging the use of biofuels. The EU also requires suppliers of new cars to advertise their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Question: How can we encourage more people to cycle, walk to school? More cycle paths, cycle stands, escorts for children who walk to school. How do you get to school? Do a class census.

Question: How might you get to work in Paris, How many stations are there on the Paris Metro?

Want to dispose of your car?    There are EU rules on recycling and safe disposal.

Games/ Tasks

Ways of getting to work: walking, solo car, car sharing, cycling, motor scooter, bus, train, working at home. Advantages, disadvantages of each.

Question: What action can we take to reduce air pollution caused by cars?  Which would you choose, and why?

  • use other methods of travel
  • car sharing
  • car with lower emissions
  • more buses
  • work at home using the internet
  • park and ride
  • increase road tax on big polluters

Putting out the waste

EU laws on waste disposal
The EU requires member states to limit the production of waste, and recycle or re-use waste as much as possible.

Question: What can we do to reduce waste at home? Cut down on packaging, use shopping bags not plastic bags, recycle as much as we can.

Question: How do they dispose of waste in Germany and Hungary?

EU laws on waste disposal Factsheet

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On the Road
Games/ Tasks
Putting out the waste