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Border controls

The EU has rules that enable people to travel among most member states without passports and custom checks.

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The Schengen area

Twenty-five countries in Europe have signed up to the Schengen Agreement. This allows people, once admitted to the Schengen area, to travel freely from one country to another without passport control or customs checks.

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The UK is not a member of the Schengen area so British people still have to carry their passports and go through custom checks.    Question:
   Do you think we should join

Travelling abroad if things go wrong

Question: have you ever experienced travel delay when on holiday? How were you treated?

Compensation for travel delay

The EU has rules on compensation and help to passengers in cases of denied boarding, delayed or cancelled flights. It also has rules on passenger rights on international rail journeys including refund for delay.

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Study abroad

Question: do you think you might want to study in a university outside the UK one day?  If so what would be the advantages?

The EU has a scheme that enables students at a university in one member state to study at a university in another.

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Keeping in touch while you are abroad

Mobile phones in Europe

The EU has recently agreed proposals to reduce the cost of making voice calls by mobile phone or sending text messages while travelling in another member state.

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If you are sick abroad

The EU has authorised a European Health Insurance card that enables you during temporary visits other EU countries to get the same health care as nationals of those countries plus some others. Click the card to find out more.

Question: have you ever been ill on holiday and had to go to the local doctor/ hospital? What was it like?


Games / Tasks

Group task: If you drive to Turkey what time zones do you cross, what currencies do you need and which countries need a visa for admission? What is a visa and why do some countries require them and others not.

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