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A short guide to the EU

 What is the EU?

It’s a group of European countries working together.

What does it do?

Fishing off Cornwall It makes it easier for companies in one country to do business in another country
It gives cash to less well off regions so they can boost their economies.
It gives cash to farmers to help them produce enough food for people.
It sets limits on how much fish and of what type boats can catch so that stocks don’t run out.
It helps protect the environment with rules about getting rid of waste and saving wild life.

How many countries are in it?

After Croatia joined in July 2013 there are 27 so far, and there are others who want to join.

How many people are in it?

About 507 million.

Does it cover all of Europe?

No. Some European countries are not members. These include Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK (was a member from 1973 to January 2020) and a number of Balkan countries.
Logo of the EFTA countries
Countries in the European Free Trade Association are not members of the EU

A Short Guide to the EU