Migration workshops

This sequence is intended to help teachers or workshop leaders to provide a context for the separate student material and suggests further classroom activities.

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The Factsheets are found in the student sequence.

Each starts with a Summary, then links to a more detailed page. On the second page there are links to official sites where the corresponding information can be found.

Migration has been a continuous activity since the dawn of civilisation. People have moved in families, in groups, in waves to seek a better life. It has been triggered by famine, conquest, oppression, opportunity.

Immigration has often resulted in tension between newcomers and existing populations. The newcomers want to take advantage of local conditions and transplant their own home practices and customs. Receiving populations have been suspicious of newcomers, resented their foreign ways, and felt threatened by them.

On the positive side immigrants have brought new skills, new labour, new lifestyles and new optimism that has in time enriched the receiving country/ community

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Class Activities - Definitions
Asylum interview
The Four Main Topics

Class Activities - Definitions

A simple interactive quiz tests what students know already and any misunderstandings about the meaning of key words – immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker, illegal immigrant.


A set of ten slogans which reflect simplistic attitudes exploited by some populist media. An opportunity for preliminary discussion, with links to sections in this Migration Workshop covering those issues.

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Moving around - why do people migrate?

  • Which countries make up the United Kingdom?
  • How many different international bodies like the UN, do you know that the UK belongs to?
  • Can anybody who wants to come and live in the UK?

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Asylum interview

There is a short one-minute video
Two briefings: the asylum-seeker and the interviewing officer

The two briefings can be downloaded and printed (PDF).

Briefings for asylum appeal interview