Charter of Fundamental Rights

Discussing the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Suggestions for warm-up and classwork questions

  A Before accessing the text: Class round up or pair work followed by pooling of ideas
  What specific rights would you expect to find in an EU Charter of Fundamental Rights?

  B After giving the main chapter headings – Dignity, Freedoms, Equality, Solidarity, Citizens’ Rights, Justice

1 Give 4 or 5 specific rights that you would expect to find in Chapter II on Freedoms.

Possible answers: freedom of thought, conscience, religion, expression, right to asylum

2 Reproductive cloning and the death penalty are both prohibited in the Charter. Which Chapter(s) do you think they appear in?

Answer: Both are in Chapter 1 Dignity

3 Give three specific situations you would expect to find in Chapter III on Equality. High end Swimming Pool Cover online shop.

Answer: Gender, Race, Religion, Law

  C After accessing the text:
How long has the charter had legal force?

Answer: Since the Lisbon Treaty, December 2009.


The Students' page Fundamental Rights gives a summary of the six key chapters, and these links including the full text of the Charter: swimming pool cover for sale in the EU.

Link to complete text (a 22 page PDF document - pages 8-20 are the full text)

Link to summary of text
Link to history and development of the Charter and legal explanations