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      Quick guide   Factsheet        
      Main institutions   European Commission
European Parliament
Council of the EU
How the EU makes laws 
      Other institutions   Justice, Auditors, Central Bank, Ombudsman        
      UK in Europe   Background Helping to run the EU Why we didn't join the €urozone What we pay in What we get back
      History   Using interactive map        
  What is the EU ?   Treaties   Factsheets        
      Everyday EU   "Europe around the clock" 06-08 Getting up, washing, drinking water, breakfast, waste 9 extension pages
or 1530-17
  Working, Health & safety, Women at work, Working with other EU people, driving, mobiles 6 extension pages, factsheets
        11-13 Borders, travelling, studying, medical insurance 5 extension pages factsheets
        13-1530 On holiday, beaches, zoos 3 extension pages, factsheets
        17-1830 Shopping, food labelling, recycling, the €uro 2 extension pages, factsheets
        1830-22 At home, dinner, fishing laws, CAP, medicines, pets, TV, internet 6 extension pages, factsheets
        22-06 Through the night, Europol Extension page, factsheet
      Government   Heads of state, electoral system, some national anthems      
  Member states   Economy   Countries:
start with the interactive map
Essential information on 31 European countries + 17 countries basic info (288 pages) 
      Map   ' surf ' across Europe       

    Find out more   external links       
      Quick guide   Definitions        
      Moving around   11 profiles of children and young adults Some examples of home languages      
  Migration   Asylum seekers   International conventions Facts, statistics and examples      
      Migrant workers   Worker mobility in the EU Factsheet    
      Border controls   Methods of control EU and UK Schengen treaty; recent UK measures Other countries    
      UK migration   Historical perspective Immigration and emigration      
      Quick guide   European Convention        
      Background   How Human Rights developed   Factsheet  
  Human Rights Act   Human Rights Act 1998   Factsheet  
      Employment rights   Equal opportunities, pay, contract, working hours,
health & safety, parenting leave, holidays, pension
      Children's rights   Rights of the Child - UN Convention
Rights Respecting Schools
      Charter of Fundamental Rights   Dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights, justice
Links to summary and full texts, history, legal explanations    


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