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      Key stage 3   Having your say
Democracy and diversity
Human rights
each topic includes
* Printable lesson plans
* Worksheets / Webquests
  Lesson plans   Key stage 4   In the workplace
UK in the EU
each topic includes
* Printable lesson plans
* Worksheets
      Key stage 5   Diversity in Britain Supported by
* fact sheets
* a suggested rôle -play
      Worksheets   Lists available support        
      Being European   My idea of Europe
I am a citizen of Europe
Joining the EU
What has the EU done for us?
  Democracy in action   Having your say   How to influence law-making      
    Making laws   Why do you need new laws?
How laws get made 
      Role-play debates   A rôle-play following in depth the process of preparing and debating the making of a new law Objectives and introduction
Preparing for the debates
A Specialist Committee of the European Parliament
A full session of the European Parliament
The Council of Ministers
      About Europe   A general knowledge quiz about Europe      
      Countries   A quiz about countries in Europe      
      Migrations myths   A True or False quiz      
  Class tasks   Definitions quiz   An interactive quiz to clarify the meaning of key words about migration      
      Asylum interview   * one-minute video
* two briefings:
   the asylum-seeker and the interviewing officer
      Identities   Identity management Debate on ID cards    
      Human rights   Human rights (KS3) Quick guide to human rights    
Stepping stones
Myths and facts
Group work
Follow-up Quiz
      Lesson plans   Linked index of lesson plans and supporting worksheets      
  Printable resources   Fact sheets   Linked index of fact sheets, including range of topics reached through the Everyday EU module      
    Rôle play materials   Linked index of printable material to support rôle-play modules      
      EU Treaties   Linked index to fact sheets summarising the essential content of seven EU treaties 1957-2007      


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