Lesson plan resources

Notes to teachers

We have adapted some lesson plans for use in remote teaching and learning and to allow for social distancing when secondary schools first go back.

See also notes on an ACT webinar held on September 22, 2020 for teachers of KS4 on retrieval and recovery techniques after the summer term lockdown. 

June 14-18 was Refugee Week. See ACT lesson plans for KS3 and KS4 prepared for teaching about refugees during this week but also at other times.

We regularly revise lesson plans in the light of ACT teacher conferences and workshops.   We have produced a set of ideas arising from a recent ACT CPC course on Black Lives Matter.

In designing the KS4 plans we have drawn on AQA Citizenship Studies.

In designing the KS3 plans we have drawn on Citizenship Education for KS3 published by Hodder Education in 2014.

Each plan sets out the main learning objective and the success criteria for demonstrating the learning to be achieved.

Suggestions for learning activities are offered in the introduction and main body of the lesson. There are also graded activities suitable for challenge and extension, and for support activities.

Worksheets are available for some lesson plans.

All lesson plans have links to resources on the site that bear directly on the content of the lessson. There are also links to external sites.

We have changed the format from a formal lesson plan to a set of modules that teachers may find easier to use and build into their own plans.

We have introduced a new resource called Talking points.  These are short notes on current issues that teachers may find useful to stimulate debate.

January 2018