Planning a lesson

How to plan a Citizenship lesson

Some notes from ACT CPD on January 10, 2023


What would you expect to see in a good citizenship lesson?

Support                                Key terms

Relevance                             Fun

Challenge                             Questioning

Knowledge                            Discussion

Engagement                          Learning outcomes achieved



What makes a fertile question?


Creates other questions or ideas

Not yes or no answers

Reference to current news/ politics/ daily lives

Makes you think

Deep and complex questions

Retrieval practice/ hinge questions/ AFL

Allows for class discussion

Develops critical thinking

Allows misconceptions to be challenged


Where to start with lesson planning

What will students know by the end of the lesson; what key vocabulary will they need to know to access the lesson; how can I preload that vocabulary?

Learning objectives and learning outcomes

Test the learning: does it help meet the objectives; if not should not be in the lesson plan.

How one lesson fits in a week, in a term, in a whole key stage.

Must contain concepts, not just knowledge.

At what stage are you checking students' understanding of material.


Need complex level of planning.

Where the lesson fits in the unit of learning; how it connects with what students already know