Asylum interview

There is a short one-minute video
Two briefings: the asylum-seeker and the interviewing officer

The two briefings can be downloaded and printed (PDF).

Qualifying for asylum

First, look at this video and consider the introductory questions:
     Street protest 
This was the background to an appeal for asylum.

Two small groups could take one of these two parts, separately discuss and prepare the arguments, then stage an asylum appeal interview.

Appeal for asylum

In this rôle-play a student is appealing against expulsion and asking for political asylum.  Make a case to support granting this person political asylum.


Salah came to the UK as a student on a 1-year postgraduate course.

While studying there was an unsuccessful rebellion against the ruling regime at home.

At his home university Salah was not an activist, but he was very knowledgeable about the historical and political background to the current situation in his country.

Salah has contributed this background knowledge to radio and tv broadcasts since the unrest began.

He has been identified by the authorities in home country, leading to major threats against his family.

After a year his student visa has run out and he applied for leave to remain, which was not granted.

Salah is appealing against an order requiring him to leave the UK and asking for political asylum.


The official case

Investigate the case for and against granting this person political asylum.

Points for investigation

At what educational institution did he study, and was he on a recognised course.
Was the course completed.
How was the course and his daily living expenses paid for.
What was the content on his broadcasting activity. Why is there a risk of retribution?
Does the UK Foreign Office regard the situation in his home country as being a risk to human rights.
What evidence is there of threats to Salah's family. Are the threats linked to his own activities ?
Has correct procedure been followed
– in applying for leave to remain
– in refusing to grant leave to remain

Does he have any other motive for wanting to remain in the UK, e.g.
– a job
– a personal relationship.


Alternatives to this scenario might involve:

a businessman claiming that although his original business has failed he should have the right to start up again

an immigrant who came to the UK on holiday ten years ago, then got a reliable job, married and now has two children at school

a student who came to the UK on a series of courses, where the college issuing the supporting letter and course certificates is thought to be bogus.

Briefings for asylum appeal interview