Teacher Resources

What you will find here:

Lesson plan ideas and worksheets linked to the GCSE curriculum that came into force in September 2016. 

A variety of class tasks consisting of talking points, quizzes, role plays and that may be used in conjunction with lesson plans or independently as tasters or for revision.

Printable resources that can be downloaded in PDF format consisting of lesson plans, fact sheets and role play materials.

Planning a lesson
How to plan a Citizenship lesson Some notes from ACT CPD on January 10, 2023   What would you expect to see in a good citizenship lesson? Support           ...
Teaching GCSE
Teaching GCSE Introduction to teaching GCSE Citizenship Studies. ACT seminar, September 2023 What's great about teaching GCSE Citizenship? It's exciting, current, active, rigorous, broad. 'We get.
Talking points